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In 2011 Alana’s Australian television career began with Masterchef Australia where she captivated Australian viewers and developed from a competent and creative home cook to eventually finishing in 3rd place and becoming a recognisable celebrity cook.

Since then, Alana Lowes has gone on to host the food and lifestyle TV series ‘A Taste of Travel’ on Channel 10 in 2012, with a second series set to be broadcast in October this year. Alana Lowes spends her time developing recipes and is highly regarded for her articles in many print and online Australian food and lifestyle publications. Alana’s highly regarded opinions and recipes have quickly become valued in print and online media, and she is now a celebrity food columnist for one of Australia’s most popular websites, ninemsn.com.au. Alana also contributes to  masterchef.com.au food hub and has produced recipes in a number of Australian publications including OK!, NW, TV Week, Woman's day, New Idea, Masterchef Magazine, That's Life and the Taste lift out. 

Alana has become a household name among those in the food industry and is regularly involved with many food festivals around Australia, including the hugely popular ‘Masterchef Live’ and the national 'Good Food and Wine Show'.

Now Alana has embarked on a new adventure with the launch of the Alana’s Pantry brand, a new exciting range of gourmet table hot sauces to help inspire you in the kitchen and spice up your meals. Each of these sauces is a homemade recipe developed from distinctive rich flavours from exotic, yet familiar cultures around the world.

The Alana’s Pantry range provides an exciting and spicy alternative to the more traditional tomato or straight chilli based sauces currently available – enabling people to quickly spice up any meal and encourage them to try flavours from different cultures.

The new range of hot sauces was inspired by the cuisines and cultures around the globe encountered on Alana’s extensive travels as a celebrity cook, where she continually finds herself drawn towards the spicy dishes and hotter flavours. Through the Alana’s Pantry range, she hopes to inspire consumers to experiment with these new flavours from the comfort of their own kitchen, allowing them to “taste global, but cook local”.

The range includes the aromatic meze dip inspired Spicy Turkey, the sweet chilliand distinctive fresh coriander flavouredSpicy Vietnam, the comforting homestyle chunky tomatoSpicy Aussie, the pungent pineapple masala inspired Spicy India, the fiery smoky chipotle Spicy Mexico, the aromatic cumin and red chilli paste inspired Spicy Morocco and the chilli, ginger and garlic sambal inspired Spicy Malaysia. Each Australian-made sauce can be used not only to jazz up any meal as a condiment, but easily added to recipes to give a distinctive regional flavour.

“When I would shop for hot and spicy sauces, I would continually become frustrated by the narrow range of tabasco pepper, peri peri and mild sweet chilli sauce varieties available, particularly considering that I have encountered so many amazing hot and spicy dishes and mouthwatering flavours on my travels. I began developing my own globally inspired spicy sauce recipes at home and friends soon loved them; now everyone else can too.

“While these sauces are indeed hot, my recipes emphasise the beautiful aromatic flavours that give each sauce its cultural distinction; that is what is most important, not just the heat.” explained Alana.

There is a spicy sauce for everyone with the heat ranging from mild, medium to hot, but greater importance is placed on flavour and emphasis on the variety of spices and aromatics that give each sauce its cultural distinction.

All of the sauces were developed in Alana’s own kitchen and are certified Australian Made. They have no artificial colours, flavourings or dehydrated ingredients. They are also free from preservatives, gluten free and Halal certified.

“It was really important to me to develop and manufacture this Spicy sauce range in Australia and I feel so proud to have the iconic Australian made symbol on all the labels.” said Alana.